Welcome to my Ninja Scroll page. This page will have images, sound, music, and info from the Ninja Scroll. If you haven't seen Ninja Scroll, your probably wondering what it's about. Not to worry. The next section which explain everything. Ninja Scroll was realesed in Japan in 1995, with the Japanese title as "Jbei ninpch ". Ninja Scroll became very popular in North America eventually, and came on TV lots of times. The VHS version came out sometime around 1995-1996, it was obviously dubbed, the sub-titled verison was nearly impossible to find at any video store. Eventually it came out on DVD. The DVD version featured a Dubbed and Subbed version, and some other great features. I personally loved Ninja Scroll. The setting is great, the animation is really nice, and it's very enteraining. Ninja Scroll is directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, who in my opinion did a great job. Ninja Scroll is still one of the best anime films I've ever seen. Well alright, I lied, this didn't explain everything, but check out the Info/Plot section for useful stuff. That's it for now, and my e-mail is hellcat@tokyo-3.com if you ever need to send me a message, go ahead, and sign the guestbook while your looking around. Enjoy!


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